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The End Game.


The end game is in sight, although that title may seem to trivialise matters it is far from trivial, both for the instigators who stand to lose huge amounts of money and be exposed to public examination much the same as the criminal bankers and money men were some years ago, and the recipients of their illegal activities and their families. Events since May 13th, 2015 are listed on the page The End Game which is linked below.

This is what YOUR government does in YOUR name and doesn't tell you. Unless of course some government employee with a conscience actually reads through the "we're protecting you" propoganda and reveals precisely what they do in "your name".

Instead of being led by the nose read the real facts.

What you read really happened, it is not a figment of a fertile imagination.

The police men and women are real people. The courts of law actually exist in the UK.

The patent cited was actually granted, with copies stored in the European governmental archives and linked from the relevant page.

David Cameron is a real person, as is Theresa May, Sir Gerry Neale and Henry Boettinger.

The NSA is real as is GCHQ.

These actions are not politics specific. It matters not whether the government is liberal, conservative, communist or fascist ,they ALL act the same way to prevent any new technology that will hit at an easy money source.

Think back to the days of the easy mortgage and loans and easy money. These self same governments were hiding facts until it was way too late and the world ended up with the mather and father of recessions. A few ended up in jail, the majority blamed others and went on in their own sweet way taking even more billions in astronomical salaries and unearned "bonuses". In the meantime their supporters in the media and elsewhere continue to deny atmosopheric pollution and global warming whilst millions die world wide annually to keep their money safe.

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