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The AudioPond Project is the brainchild of me, Jon Evans or John White, take your pick, I answer to both. That's me on the left.


ALL music files on this website are totally free with no hidden charges or agendas.


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The AudioPond are pleased to announce the release of a new album of John White/Jon Evans compositions.

In the impressionistic vein, but not startlingly so, apart from one, Fantaisia de Bois de Boulogne de la Nuit, which is a piano only piece. A loose translation of the title would be, Fantasia of the Bois de Boulogne of the Night.

All are fond memories, in music, of places visited in France on my travels to Spain some years back. Most of the places were situated on or around the RN 21 (not too sure on the actual number........ it was back in the 70s yanno. ) with some, Marseilles and Roscoff, some distance off route. Two refer to Paris, the Bois de Boulogne and the Rive Gauche, or as it's better known, the Left Bank. Clair de Lune sur La Rive Gauche is not an exercise in title stealing, nor an advertising ploy for perfume. It simply means Moonlight on The Left Bank. Some may query the title, Marche ou Dance Camargue. Written very much in the village band style, in real life it would have probably managed for both activities, and indeed, I have seen in other French village fetes the local band using a march tune in exactly that way. It's surprising the effect the local wine can have on the terpsichorean ventures of those enjoying it's benefits.

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